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The TIL Brand

The marketing and communications strategy of TIL is defined by the brand architecture, brand positioning and retail structure.

The brand architecture of TIL

The TIL is a descriptive sub-brand of the overall government brand and shares a common identity with other public entities.

The current provincial architecture, as articulated in the Corporate Identity Manual which was approved by the Provincial Brand Governance Committee, dictates that TIL be positioned as “an agency of the Limpopo Provincial Government”.

The brand positioning of TIL

The overall positioning of TIL brand is ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT both in terms of growth and transformation.

The tone of TIL is confident, encouraging and welcoming.

TIL is personified as successful, influential and powerful with a large network. Internally this is embodied as a combination of the Top 3, BEE and women empowerment champions and top economists. Externally TIL would like to create ambassadors for the South African economy through political, business and intellectual leaders born and raised in Limpopo.

Our newly-crafted brand positioning statement is “The link to business growth”. This statement is motivated by, and thus remains the embodiment of, Limpopo’s Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) whose core objective is “growing the economy”. TIL is the catalyst to realising such a strategic goal – with the multiplier effect on reaching other objectives.

Retail access

A specific strategy for TIL is to be designed to rework retail coverage by segment to address what is felt to be sub-optimal retail (transaction) access. The retail strategy development will follow these steps:
  • Audit of current retail channels / options to pinpoint gaps according to identified needs of first and second economy. International benchmarking in countries such as Ireland, Canada, Philippines, Chile, Sweden and India to be considered.
  • Identify and negotiate suitable contracts with public and private partners (win-win) to increase service delivery and footprint
    Enhance existing retail option and accessibility through existing distribution partners, e.g. MPCCs/LIBSA, SEDA & LimDev’s district offices.
  • Enable partners with transaction capability where applicable
  • Simplify application forms and process
  • Negotiate with and roll out through new partners, e.g. Postnet, banks, ESKOM.
  • Establish efficient back-end fulfillment system
  • Identify transaction elements required, opportunities for e-enablement, suitable outsource partner
  • Design and develop (on consultation with the dti and municipalities)
  • Pilot and full roll-out (on consultation with the dti and municipalities)
  • TIL’s influence over the adjudication process.
  • Improve ease of access to retail options (raise awareness)
  • Enhance and strengthen service delivery and support capabilities
  • Implement suitable measures and tracking mechanisms.
The Investment Services Division manages all retail interfaces within TIL

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